Who is Andrey Aleksin?

Born Andrey Onischenko, July 6, 1968, in the city of Aleksin.

One of the best hitmakers in Russia.

Winner of the television festival “Song of the Year” (2008, 2009), the music award “Golden Gramophone” (2002, 2009), and the national television award in the field of popular music “Muz-TV Award” (2010) as the author of lyrics and music for songs.

The discography of the newly formed band was started with the album “Shalava,” combining lyrical and tender compositions with completely polar tracks – “Shalavy” and “Strashnaya.” The appearance of such hooligan songs on the album was explained by the artist’s need to shock the audience, whose attention was difficult to attract with ordinary romantic songs about love. But the country truly learned about the new performer only with the release of the music video for the song “Strashnaya.” The remix of this song, which became Aleksin’s signature tune, was a laureate of the prestigious “Golden Gramophone” award in 2002.

Provocative tracks unexpectedly “clicked” with listeners, and soon Russian youngsters began to hum a song about underage girls. Following this, albums “Za steklom” and “Mozoli” were released, giving viewers a number of killer hits: “Pyanaya,” “Karamelka,” and others.
Later, another hit appeared, named “Alkogolichka’ known to everyone performed by Alexander Revva (also known as Artur Pirozhkov). The music video for this track has reached 400 million views on YouTube for the moment.

Andrey Aleksin diligently tours and also writes songs for other musicians.

Multi-instrumentalist Aleksin became the author of songs for Irina Allegrova, Masha Rasputina, Artur Pirozhkov, Philipp Kirkorov. Andrey wrote the song “Prosto podari” for Kirkorov, which subsequently received a slew of awards at music awards such as “Golden Gramophone,” “Song of the Year,” “Muz-TV – 2010,” etc.

Currently, Andrey Aleksin is one of the most touring artists. From New Year 2021 to New Year 2022, Andrey had about 70 corporate events and performances. His performances are always a celebration, whether in a large concert hall or a small corporate event.

Currently, Aleksin has many performance offers both domestically and internationally (including Europe).

For all collaboration inquiries, contact me via WhatsApp at +7 901 3479529 and +7 977 4593894. For international tours and performances, contact
+972 586004755

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Who is Andrey Aleksin?